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Hydromax3 by Bathmate

The first ever penis pump specifically designed for men with a micropenis

Experience a new level of enhancement with the Bathmate Hydromax3, the first hydrotherapy penis pump specifically designed for men with a micropenis. FDA-approved for safety and comfort, this innovative water-based penis pump is engineered to increase size, enhance sexual stamina, and boost confidence. This innovative penis enlargement pump is your partner in achieving your personal enhancement goals in the bedroom.

Bathmate Hydromax3 is the most effective and comprehensive penile enlargement system in the World for men with a micropenis.

If you're affected by micropenis, you've just found the best way to increase your penis size. The Hydromax3 delivers intense vacuum power, making your erections harder than ever, while building up real gains over time with regular use. 

Hydromax3 is the world's 1st micropenis pump, along our Xtreme version the HydroXtreme3 model.

Built using tested scientific principles that deliver real results.


Key Features & Benefits of the Hydromax3:

  • Targeted Design: Specifically created for individuals affected by micropenis, offering a tailored solution for effective enlargement.
  • Powerful Performance: The Hydromax3 delivers intense vacuum power for harder erections, promoting significant and sustained improvements with regular use.
  • Harder, More Sustainable Erections: Improved blood flow leads to stronger performance.
  • Innovative Technology: Built on tested scientific principles, the Hydromax3 ensures real, measurable results.
  • Boosted Sexual Stamina: Increased endurance in the bedroom.
  • Intensified Orgasms and Improved Confidence: Feel more in every moment
  • Improved Blood Flow: Promotes healthy blood circulation for overall penile health.
  • Additional Options: Alongside the standard Hydromax3, we offer the enhanced HydroXtreme3 model for even more powerful results.


The Hydromax3's innovative use of water ensures a natural and safe method for increasing penis size and overall sexual health improvement. Our Bathmate hydropump technology is both effective and comfortable, making your daily 10-15 minute pumping routine something you'll look forward to.


    Hydromax3 Size Specs:

    The Hydromax3 is the ideal size penis pump for men starting out at lengths of 1 to 3 inches with a maximum girth of 6.5 inches (2.07 inches diameter)


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