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Hydromax7 Wide Boy

Hydromax7 Wide Boy by Bathmate

The Hydromax7 Wide Boy, is the world's best-selling penis pump in a wide model,  designed for men with a thicker, girthier penis.

Experience the world’s best-selling penis pump, now in a wide model!

The Hydromax7, the world's best selling penis pump now available in a wider model. Tailored specifically for thicker men, the Hydromax7 Wide Boy is the ideal choice for those who require a more spacious fit than the standard Bathmate Hydromax7, yet do not need the additional length offered by the Hydromax9. This pump is designed to comfortably accommodate a girth exceeding 6.5 inches. For those with a girth below this measurement, the original Hydromax7 is a suitable alternative. 

This FDA-approved Bathmate pump is designed with your safety and comfort in mind. This innovative cock pump is your partner in achieving your personal enhancement goals in the bedroom.


Hydromax7 Wide Boy Advanced Features:

  • 35% More Suction with New Bellows System: Enhanced technology for better gains.
  • Comfort Sealing Ring: Removable and soft, providing extra comfort and support.
  • Superflow Latch Valve: Allows for easy one-hand filling.
  • Durable Construction: A sturdy tube vessel designed to withstand high water pressures.


Proven Benefits of the Hydromax7 Wide Boy:

  • Enhanced Size and Girth: Noticeable increase in length and thickness.
  • Stronger, Firmer Erections: Contributes to more robust and firmer erections.
  • Boosted Sexual Stamina: Increased endurance in the bedroom.
  • E.D. Symptom Reduction: Aids in managing Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Intensified Orgasms and Improved Confidence: Feel more in every moment.
  • Improved Blood Flow: Promotes healthy blood circulation for overall penile health.


The Hydromax7 Wide Boys innovative use of water ensures a natural and safe method for increasing penis size and overall sexual health improvement. Our Bathmate hydropump technology is both effective and comfortable, making your daily 10-15 minute pumping routine something you'll look forward to.


    Hydromax7 Wide Boy Size Specs:

    The Hydromax7 Wide Boy is the ideal size penis pump for men starting out at lengths of 5 to 7 inches with a maximum girth of 7.50 inches (2.39 inches diameter)


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    Don't forget to add the Bathmate Shower Strap to your purchase for a maximized pumping session. It allows you to keep your hands free for other activities, like shaving, shampooing, or soaping your body.

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