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7 Reasons Why Men Under 5 Inches Should Consider a Penis Pump

For men who feel self-conscious about their penis size, it's important to remember that confidence in the bedroom plays a significant role in sexual satisfaction. While size isn't everything, it's understandable that some individuals may seek ways to enhance their experience and that many woman prefer a larger penis. Today we explore seven compelling reasons why men under 5 inches should consider investing in a penis pump.


Discreet and Affordable Solution:

Penis pumps offer a discreet and affordable solution for men who desire to increase their penis size. Compared to more invasive procedures or medications, penis pumps are relatively inexpensive and can be discreetly used in the privacy of one's home. With longer use, the results tend to be permanent also.


photo of hot pepper wrapped with measuring tape to portray small penis size

Size Enhancement:

Penis pumps are designed to create a vacuum around the penis, drawing blood into the chambers and causing it to expand. This temporary increase in size can provide a confidence boost during intimate moments, allowing men to enjoy a heightened sense of satisfaction. With regular use penis pumps like the Hydromax7 have been known to provide long term size increases for it's users. Over 1,000,000 bathmate users globablly can't be wrong.


Improved Self-Esteem:

For men who struggle with self-esteem issues related to their penis size, using a penis pump can help alleviate those concerns. With regular use of the Bathmate pump for 15 minutes per day, most users experience permanent gains in length and girth, that help them feel more confident, enhancing their overall self-esteem and contributing to a healthier mindset in and out of the bedroom.


Enhances Sensation:

Apart from the penis size enhancement, penis pumps also offer the benefit of improved sensitivity. The vacuum created by the pump can increase blood flow to the penile tissues, resulting in heightened sensitivity and potentially intensifying sexual pleasure. 


Overcoming Performance Anxiety:

Performance anxiety is a common issue that affects many men, regardless of penis size. By using a penis pump, individuals can focus on the physical aspects of their performance rather than worrying about their size. This can help reduce anxiety and allow men to enjoy a more relaxed and fulfilling sexual experience.


Non-Invasive Option:

Unlike surgical procedures or other invasive methods, penis pumps offer a non-invasive option for men seeking penis size enhancement. They provide an alternative for those who may not be ready or willing to undergo surgery, providing a permanent solution to address size concerns.


Improves Sexual Intimacy:

By addressing size-related concerns, penis pumps can positively impact sexual intimacy. When men feel more confident and satisfied with their size, it can lead to increased comfort and open communication with their partner. This, in turn, can enhance overall sexual satisfaction and strengthen the bond between partners.



While it's important to remember that penis size is not the sole determinant of sexual satisfaction, for men who feel self-conscious about their size, penis pumps can offer a great solution. By providing a boost in confidence, enhanced sensitivity, and a non-invasive approach, these devices have the potential to improve sexual experiences and overall well-being. 


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