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Absolutely - just ask all our happy Bathmate customers. After a month's use, when results really start to become noticeable, a full 88% of Hydromax customers are satisfied with the performance of their pump, with many reporting noticeable gains for size, erection quality, libido and personal confidence.

The Bathmate is completely safe if directions are followed and alittle common sense.

For the best possible results, we recommend using your hydropump for 5 minutes at a time, with 3 sessions (for a total of 15 minutes use)

While Bathmate Hydromax pumps can be used out of water, they're primarily designed for in-water use. If you use the pump without water, you will see an improvement - just not the kick ass results you'll get by using your pump in water.

The Bathmate is world's first hydropump as a way to add a new approach to penis pump workouts. By using water instead of air, hydropumps add an extra level of convenience, power and comfort. Essentially, Hydromax is easy-to-use and delivers better results - that's why we're the world's number one brand for penis pumps.


The Bathmate Store is the first and original official retailer of the Bathmate in North America (The United States and Canada). Originally we were known as Bathmate USA. Over time our domains have changed and we know reside at bathmate.ca and us.bathmate.ca. We are an official US retailer of the Bathmate as well as Canada and work directly with the manufacturer and have since 2007, when we were the first company to retail the product in North America. We ship from warehouses in the United States and Canada depending on product availability.

Completely. With an SSL-Certified store, we make sure that your personal data is completely safe at all times before, during and after purchase.

Yes, all Bathmate Hydromax Pumps come with a 2-year warranty for your hydropump from the manufacturer, keeping you safe against any malfunction. Just make sure to register your hydropump to activate your warranty.


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All orders are shipped in discreet packaging, with no mention of the product.

Shipping on certain models may be included. Other items not included are calculated on checkout according to the current courier rates.

You may return any unopened product within 30 days of receipt for a refund. Shipping is non-refundable. Please see the Return Policy for full details.