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Bathmate Measuring Gauge

Bathmate Measuring Gauge

Engineered for comfort and precision. The Bathmate measuring gauge is the best way to measure your penis. Accurately measure the length, girth and width of your penis with ease.

  • Document your measurements as you gain in size.
  • 12.00" in length
  • Coated with soft, durable rubber composite

Measurements you get from your Bathmate gauge allows you to measure and record growth gains and dial into what the best hydro pump workout routine is for you.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Good Quality but measurement issues

I recently purchased the Measuring Gauge and was very impressed with the quality of materials used. However, the user must be aware that when measuring girth that the gauge is overlapping itself which adds the thickness of the device to the girth measurement. Similarly, the measurement is made on the outside of the gauge, not the inside. This adds the thickness of the gauge to the girth measurement a second time. The end result is that approximately 1/8 inch or 3 mm is added to the diameter x 3.14, which adds 3/8 inch or 9 mm to every measurement made. I checked this with a tailor's tape, measuring three rigid cardboard tubes of varying size and the Bathmate gauge consistently measured 3/8 inch or 9 mm greater than the thin tailor's tape. To obtain an accurate measurement of girth, simply subtract 3/8 inch or 9 mm from your result. Users should especially keep this in mind when measuring to determine girth for the best fit of condom as using the non-adjusted measurement would result in a severe risk of slippage.
This issue aside, I cannot stress enough how well made the device is nor how easy it is to use when compared with fiddling with a tailor's tape or string. Used with care and precision it is indispensable.

Mohammad A.
Returning customer

I have bought the x30 and x50 or whatever the largest Hercules one is and in second order the measuring gauge one of them didn't work properly. I later ordered more gauge and informed them about the problem sent photos and they sent an extra one. Much appreciated

Jersey Mike
Helps me record my gains

A nice accessory to go with my 40X Hydromax buy.

Pros: Costs nothing, rubber coating. measures girth very accurately.
Cons: Could be a bit longer. 16" instead of 12" maybe.

Vin R
Worth the $12

I like to keep track of my gains. It's like a snap bracelet so it's easy to keep track of my progress with girth. Length too of course.